Trusts already established under Team Effort Internatioinal Ministries Trust are:
For more information about these Trusts go to Online Advertising Directory has been established as a business arm of the Team Effort International Ministries Trust to ensure a continued stream of funding for the non-profit, non-denominational charitable trusts set up under it's umbrella.

Team Effort International Ministries Trust is a non-profit, non-denominational charitable trust established to provide oversight for the operation of associate trusts with the view to developing a solid financial foundation on which to grow the overall ministry vision.

Team Effort International Ministries Trust's current focus is on providing a secure financial base for the operation of the 0800 Hungry Ministries Trust food warehouse.

Having been reliant on sporadic funding from the major Gaming Trusts for the past 10 years to fund the operation of our 0800 Hungry Food Warehouse it became apparent that if we were to provide smarter financial planning, become more efficient and fund the expansion of our vision we would need to develop a funding alternative.

Hence the launching of our new “Sponsorship through Advertising” funding initiative, Online Advertising Directory.

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